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The Next-Gen Mazda3 Has Arrived!

As the first model from the new breed of Mazdas, the Next-Gen Mazda3 is a special car.

More than simply a means of transportation, Mazda wants it to enrich owners’ lives, to serve as an inspiration and empowerment to a more fulfilling lifestyle. Program Manager Kota Beppu says: “With the Mazda3, we want to enable owners to be their ideal self.” A not insubstantial task.

In order for people to express their true selves, Beppu recognised that two cars, each with a unique personality, was the answer. “This was a challenge,” says Next-Gen Mazda3 Chief Designer Yasutake Tsuchida. “The four-door sedan customer is looking for a more sleek, elegant image, while the hatch customer is looking for a sportier design and more emotion. So we paid attention to what customers desire and maximised the appeal of each, to give birth to a truly compelling design. Both have to embrace Mazda’s Japanese design aesthetic to a greater level than ever before.”

Creating two cars is not the easy option, but to meet Mazda’s ambitious goal this no-compromise route is the only way. Ally this approach to new SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture, which makes driving the Mazda3 feel as natural as walking, and you have a game-changing car...Read More

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