Dear Cleve,

Thank you for your email and welcome.

I wish to commend you on the calibre of people who you have representing your company. Many car yards were visited in my search for 'the one'. The outstanding customer service, respect and care that was provided made Oldmac Mazda my preferred supplier.

Michael was exceptional. The knowledge, care, patience and experience he provided was very important in my decision making as I needed a car that was able to tow a trailer to South Australia plus still be practical and reliable. I left your dealership with the confidence that my car will do everything I need it to.

Michael is a valuable member of your team and I appreciated the way he treated me and his patience in answering all my questions. He was always happy to help, was not pushy and he genuinely wanted to help me, because of this I kept coming back.

I am very extremely happy with my car and will eagerly recommend Oldmac Mazda to all my friends.

I wish your team every success in the future.

Best Regards


Recently we have purchased our third Mazda vehicle from Old Mac. We upgraded to a CX5 GT from a 2012 SP25. Previous to this we had a Mazda 2 Neo. Each of these vehicles has been an absolute delight to own. They are enjoyable to drive, easy to look after and we have raved to our family and friends about how much we love them. Each and every time we have purchased a new car, Mazda seems to find new ways to impress us.

Selling a car is easy when they are so well built and appointed, but the trick really is in the customer service. We originally bought my husband's very first car (the Mazda 2) back in 2007. This is where we first met Brook Webb. Brook has been the most spectacular salesman and gentleman throughout the purchase of each of our three vehicles. No matter what time of day or evening we pop into the dealership, the long process we go through selecting a car, and then the impossible task of finding that car (I have a habit of picking "unicorns" as Brook terms them - Black CX5 GT with White Leather interior...) he has been a delight. Nothing is too hard, nothing is too much trouble and he always manages to make us feel like the most important customer in the world. Brook is that guy that I tell my friends and family to go and see for a car. What Brook doesn't realise at this stage is that he's actually sold 6 cars to our friends and family.

Brook continues to go above and beyond to make sure that we are exceptionally happy and excited when our vehicle arrives. The prime example of this is our CX5. It was not scheduled to arrive until March 2016. Low and behold somehow he managed to snag one that we picked up last Thursday. Brook has managed to turn a "dyed in the wool Holden girl" to a Mazda fanatic. This is no mean task! It sounds quite silly when I read this back, but Brook really does hold a very special spot in our family. For him, we know it's not just about selling a car, it's about looking after us and this is why we will continue to come back to him year after year.

The next person I would like to mention is the lovely Kendall Tait. Kendall is an absolute delight. She is warm, funny, personable and really puts the heart back into finance which is never an easy subject for people to broach. The entire process from start to finish was so smooth and effortless, we couldn't have had an easier process. Kendall is a true asset to the Mazda team and hopefully we'll see her again in three years time for the next car!

Last but not least is poor Neil. As Brook could well attest, I'm not the easiest of people to please. When it comes to my cars, they have the best and only the best. Over the last 7 years Neil has put up with no end of demands from me when there have been issues with our cars. From checking over our SP25 when it was damaged by a neighbour backing into it to fixing the mistakes of an external Roadworthy company when we were trying to get our car sold, he has ensured that our cars have had the best care the industry can provide. He approaches every problem I present to him with a smile on his face and quick actions to resolve them.

Neil's patience is above and beyond the call of duty and his dedication to his customers is without reproach. He never fails to answer the phone with a "Hi Melissa" before I can tell him who it is and he knows the history of our cars better than I do. This is also a credit to the team of service guys who look after our cars as well. Our cars are always returned spotless inside and out and usually in better condition than when I've dropped them off!

When you spend a large amount of money with a company it is confidence inspiring to know that you're not just a faceless number on a piece of paperwork. Every time we walk into Springwood, it feels like we're being welcomed home by family. When you're that well taken care of, you don't feel like you ever need to question a bill, double check work or worry that someone has taken you for a ride. The team you have at Springwood has ensure that we are customers for life. We couldn't imagine going anywhere else because it would just feel wrong. Steve, please allow me to congratulate you on assembling an out of this world team at Old Mac Springwood, they make buying a car an amazing experience, not just a big bill.

- Melissa, Runcorn


I have had exceptional service. Professional staff and very good coffee while waiting for a car being serviced. I appreciate the follow up.

- Daline, Brisbane South West


Hi Steve,

Thank you Steve. I'm very impressed with what I have seen and how we have been treated  by all your staff at Oldmac Mazda. In particular Kristy Emmett who sold us our new car. I had originally come to look at the CX-3 but it wasn't suitable for my needs. She was able  to point us in the right direction for the cars that may suit us and to then test drive each model pointing out along the process what would suit us best.

Nothing was a problem for her and we were never pushed at any stage which I have to say was so refreshing cause I'm a bit like George W Costanza in that regard, pushy sales staff. All jokes aside I have never ever been in a better or more relaxed environment whilst purchasing something of that magnitude.

Then came pick up day and I was greeted by a very enthusiastic Lauren Cantwell. She showed me all the bells and whistles and was great in training this old fella how to operate and navigate around all the great things this car has and offered her assistance at any time If I got lost with any functions and there are many. She has a great system in place to take you through the functions. Then to top it off Lauren presented us with a bunch of beautiful flowers for my wife on behalf of Kristy.

I couldn't be happier Steve and now know why I see so many Oldmac stickers on cars in traffic.

Gary – Kurnell

The service provided by Lauren Cantwell was fantastic, so much so that I have recommended three of my friends that are looking to buy from Lauren. Lauren made the whole deal very stress free.

- Cheryl, Capalaba

Good Morning,

I would just like to make it known that I commend the service that your staff has given me at your Mazda Springwood dealer. I have been attending the dealership for my car services over the last few years and will continue for many more. I have had some interesting dealings with other Mazda dealers over the previous years but would like to say that the service I get from the Springwood dealership is exceptional. I would like to point out that Neil from the service centre has gone above and beyond to help me out with a road worthy for my MX-5 after been... (lets just say... was taken for what could have been a very expensive and non necessary ride) to do repair / replacement that was not needed from a local Unnamed business. It was just lucky that I have some idea when it comes to cars, and not just paid for what they were advising me, as I guess that some people would.

I dealt with Neil in the service department, Charles in the new car sales department, oh and the cafe lady (which I must say, free REAL coffee and a light lunch....how much better can your service get?? Overall they were a delight to deal with. I will be recommending Springwood Mazda to anyone that wants to listen. Its nice to see that you look for quality in your staff, that is hard to find in this day and age. I just wanted to take the time to send this email, as most people only ever want to complain about service and experience.

I was wanting to send this email to Mazda Australia but can't find a direct email, I hope that they can be recognised for their efforts. Thank you again

Tina - Calamvale